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Certification Services Pakistan (CeSP) is a Conformity Assessment Body established to provide certification, training and inspection services as per requirements of National & International Standards like Quality Management System (QMS), Environment Management System (EMS), Occupational Health & Safety Management System (OH&SMS), Food Safety Management System (FSMS) and Information Security Management System (ISMS), personnel certification, product certification, inspection services and/or any other field of certification emerging from time to time. CeSP team includes qualified and competent management system auditors, trainers and support staff committed to provide professional and value added services to its customers.

CeSP is accredited by Pakistan National Accreditation Council (PNAC), Ministry of Science & Technology, for its Quality Management System (QMS) ISO 9001, Environmental Management System ISO 14001 (EMS) & ISO 45001 (OH&SMS) Certification Schemes.


To develop and excel as an internationally recognized Pakistan's leading Conformity Assessment Body.


Based on impartiality, responsibility, confidentiality, competence, openness and customer focus as guiding principles, our success shall depend on honesty, courtesy and professionalism leading towards the consistent delivery of high quality accredited and certification, inspection and training services.

Statement of Impartiality

The Top Management & Staff of Certification Services Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd understand the role of impartiality and management of conflict of interest in delivering valuable certification services to our clients or prospective clients. The top management commits to the principle of impartiality and uses it as guidance for decision of certification activities and ensures that actions will be taken to identify, control, mitigate or terminate the activities that present threats to Impartiality thereby enhancing customer’s confidence in the objectivity of our management system certification activities.

This will be achieved through establishment of impartiality committee having representation of a balance of interests from all stake holders and ensuring that no single interest dominates the impartiality committee.



Related Organizations to Quality & Conformity Assessment

CeSP is pleased to launch Personnel Certification Schemes based on ISO/IEC 17024:2012. See Details



Rectangular Callout: CeSP is a notified CB by Drug Regulatory Authority Pakistan for GDPMDS