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Question 1: I want to know more about Certification Services Pakistan (CeSP).

Certification Services Pakistan (CeSP) is a Pakistani Origin Conformity Assessment Body established to provide certification, training and inspection services as per requirements of National & International Standards.

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Question 2: What are the certification schemes offered by CeSP?

Following are the Management System certification schemes offered by CeSP;

  • Quality Management System ISO 9001
  • Environmental Management System ISO 14001
  • Occupational Health & Safety Management System (OH&SMS)
  • Food Safety Management System ISO 22000
  • Information Security Management System ISO 27001


Question 3: Our company is interested in availing the certification services offered by CeSP. How should I proceed?

Download the application form from the website. Send the dully filled & signed application form to Audit Planning & Operation Department. After application review, CeSP will establish the quotation for certification of respective international standard to the customer. On approval of quotation from customer, service agreement is finalized for 3 year certification cycle.

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Question 4: I want to know about CeSP policy.

CeSP, being Pakistan's leading Conformity Assessment Body, believes to establish and maintain effective schemes for the certification of management systems, under the auspices of Accreditation Bodies and requirements as recognized by the International Accreditation Forum.

CeSP aims to comply with all applicable legislations and regulations. Based on impartiality, responsibility, confidentiality, competence, openness and customer focus as guiding principles, CeSP’s success shall depend on honesty, courtesy and professionalism leading towards the consistent delivery of high quality accredited & non-accredited certifications, inspections & training services and strive for continual improvement.

Question 5: Does CeSP offer training services?

CeSP is enriched with a pool of  internationally recognized and approved trainers and tutors, having wide work experience of various business sectors , expertise in conducting customized and public trainings on certification and accreditation standards for the industry and service sector.

Question 6: What are the training schemes offered by CeSP?

CeSP offers IRCA-UK approved lead auditor training courses

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Question 7: What are the short training courses offered by CeSP?

CeSP offers internationally recognized short courses

For details Click here (Short courses)

 Question 8: Does CeSP provide customized training courses?
CeSP also provides customized trainings to suit the need of individual organization.

Question 9: Why should I choose CeSP as a certification body for my business?
Certification Services Pakistan is established with a view to develop and excel as internationally recognized Pakistan’s leading Conformity Assessment Body to assess companies in all areas of manufacturing and services. Based on impartiality, confidentiality, responsibility, competence, openness and customer focus as guiding principles, our success depends on honesty, courtesy and professionalism leading towards the consistent delivery of high quality third party accredited and non-accredited certification, inspection and training services.
Under the guidance of experienced lead auditors and technical experts, having wide expertise in system implementation and assessment, CeSP strives to provide the best certification services with a view to add value& ensure credibility to client organization.

Question 10: Why does a Company need ISO Certification?

The globalization of world has resulted in increased competition among organizations to provide quality   products and services to their customers. Regulatory bodies, Clients, the global trading companies, and quality-conscious organizations are increasingly demanding evidence of a functioning Quality Management System from suppliers. Certification to Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2008) Standard provides assurance of a comprehensive, well-established and maintained Quality Management System, thereby enhancing customer confidence.  A quality management system can help you identify opportunities; fulfill the requirements of customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders; optimize processes and reduce costs by reducing wastes at the same time.

Question 11: How can you contact us?

Certification Services Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd 
H.No 14, Street No 95, Sector I-8/4, Islamabad.
Tel: +92-51-8438844-5
Fax: +92-51-8357207
e-mail:      info@cesp.com.pk                   
 Website:  www.cesp.com.pk

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