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Halaal Food Management System Certification

CeSP certifies the organizations in food chain as per Pakistan Halaal Standard (PS 3733) i.e Halaal Food Management System Requirements for Any Organization in Food Chain & or compliance to Organization of Islamic Countries’ General Guidelines on Halaal Food (OIC/SMIIC-1).

The organizations are required to implement their Halaal food management system as per requirements of  Shariah Laws, Pakistan Halaal Food Standard (PS 3733) & / OIC General Guidelines on Halaal Food (OIC/SMIIC-1).

The key points for Halaal food requirements as per Pakistan Halaal Food Management System (PS 3733) mainly include;

  1. All sources of foods (animals, birds, aquatic animals, ingredients, additives etc) should be from Halaal Source
  2. Establishment of Halaal Control Points for Halaal Production
  3. Strict Traceability of Halaal Food products/ingredients throughout the food chain including traceability to immediate customer and supplier
  4. Slaughtering of animals should be as per Islamic/Shariah Laws
  5. All processed food should be from Halaal sources of ingredients, process aids etc
  6. Hygiene and sanitation should be maintained and separation of Halaal and non Halaal lines, equipments, storages etc
  7. Packing and labeling as per Pakistan Halaal Food Standard (PS 3733) requirements mentioning product name, contents, trademark, list of ingredients, address, lot/batch etc
  8. Product should meet the applicable federal, provincial & local government enforced regulatory requirements as applicable e.g Pakistan Pure Food Laws, Punjab Pure Food Laws, PSQCA standards etc
  9. Documented statement of Halaal Food Policy & Objectives & Procedures as required by Pakistan Halaal Food Standard PS 3733
  10. Internal Audit, Management Review, Emergency Preparedness, Human Resource & Documentation requirements as per Pakistan Halaal Food Standard (PS 3733)


Refer to links below for details of Halaal food certification process & application for Halaal food certification

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